The call of the green

Walking through the gardens gives the sensation of moving from one universe to another. Nature has reclaimed its spaces and created wonderful, enchanting environments among the structures. Strolls among aromatic plants, sudden glimpses of the forest, flowered galleries adorned with roses and wisteria, and expanses of open meadows.

Ros’e Mari was born on the ruins of an old nursery that had long been abandoned. The current owners, Gian Michele and Lucia, guided by great passion and a touch of healthy madness, embarked on a passionate project to revive and transform this incredible rural estate, making it accessible to everyone once again.

Their dream was to create a destination where gardens and greenhouses could provide a beautiful setting for guests, allowing them to enjoy fresh, seasonal, and locally sourced cuisine. This extensive restoration project began in 2011 and required a highly sensitive and delicate approach to preserve the ecosystem. Gradually, each area was brought back to life. The result is now a charming oasis in the heart of the Sardinian countryside.

The rebirth of this imposing property occurred with the utmost respect for the land and its heritage, combining traditional agricultural techniques with innovative and sustainable methods.

The enchantment of seeing a rose blossom.

Its strength, its beauty, passion and elegance.

Once you discover it, you can’t help but love it.