More sustainable catering at km 0.

The decision to open a restaurant at km 0 demonstrates the desire to commit to protecting the environment and small local producers. Ros’e Mari is all of this, protection of the territory and passion for local products. Healthy eating and healthy eating is an authentic cultural act, which favors a return to more sustainable agriculture and the choice of seasonal ingredients. Precisely to promote a renewed catering ethic, in which taste, authenticity and sustainability are combined.


Ros’e Mari in its restaurant offers food collected in its own greenhouse, thus ensuring a higher quality of products.

Bringing the consumer closer to the rural reality allows direct contact with nature, animals, the earth and knowledge of the products it offers us, giving more sense to the passing of the seasons that offer us ever-changing fruit and vegetables. It is an opportunity to discover flavours, recipes, ancient traditions and above all to recover another piece of relationship with nature.

Story of a legacy, stories of the heart

Our company was born from a former nursery. Here our dreams grow.

“My peasant origins lead me to have a propensity towards hospitality, having people around is as rewarding as having plants around. In a green environment, people are welcomed by positive energy. It is impossible to resist this call, when you are sitting in the greenery, even alone in silence, and you are surrounded by the rustling of the plants, by the scents of the vegetable garden and the garden. I have breathed this air since I was a child and I continue to treasure it. I think that others feel the same sensations, I realize that it is like this. My dream is to be able to clean the whole company to make it a park that can be used by those who want to get lost in the greenery.”

Lucia Schirru


The Schirru family, made up of: Lucia, together with her partner Gian Michele Pilo, her sister Loredana Schirru and her nephew Davide, took over Agricola Rosmarino in 2019, a nursery in the Oristano area. The entrance was daunting, with a situation of total abandonment and decadence. But they, thanks to their passion and teamwork, have brought man back into the 11 hectares of vast park, now transfigured into a virgin jungle.

No bulldozer, but a small machete to make his way through the tangled branches, like explorers who were slowly rediscovering the wonders of the past buried by the forest. The intention was to preserve the nature and identity of the place. This was a place full of memories and the idea of bringing it back to life was like a mission.