Cooking with care is an act of love

Treat yourself to an experience inside Ros’e Mari Farm & Greenhouse, our restaurant.
To savor good food, tasting a glass of wine in a quiet and relaxing place, surrounded by the greenery of nature.


How can an ancient sweet like mostacciolo, Seada or Amaretto be innovated? Here we succeeded by going back and looking forward.

Ros’e Mari allows you to experience a world of nature and production, it grants inspiration and above all allows you to tell the estate through the dish. The guest at the center, his experience, our message, his well-being.


Maurice Falchi

Born in 1972, Chef Maurizio Falchi tells of himself from a young age as determined to embark on his path in the world of international cuisines. After graduating from the Oristano hotel management school in 1988, he wants to work immediately, he wants to learn from the greats and he wants to tell his land and its traditions. He travels through Liguria with the maestro Gianni Malagoli to whom he owes his initial growth and the consolidation of his passion.

He returns to Sardinia to the Fort Village and makes international experiences from Hong Kong to Zurich up to Antigua. He measures himself in top-level cuisine such as Villa Crespi with chef Natale Bacchetta and collaborates with talents of the caliber of Giuseppe Palmieri.

His story, his experiences bring him back to his land from which it all began and he rediscovers his cooking philosophy made of genuineness and raw materials. A Mediterranean cuisine where the flavors of the territory combine in simple harmonies without affecting the freshness of the product with technical excesses.